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My name is Megan Ewer and I’m crazy about web design and development!

Ever since high school, I knew design was in my future. I had an amazing opportunity to attend a vocational school for Graphic Design. It gave me a strong foundation that led to my success at Kutztown University. After four years filled with blood (I bled on a final project just hours before it was due after an x-acto accident), sweat (let's be honest, there is no AC in the dorms), and tears (okay, these were literal in some cases) I received my BFA in Communication Design.

The juxtaposition of creative freedom and detail-oriented functionality needed for websites inspires me so much that that I often take the same approach to my every day life.

When I’m not designing and developing, you can find me out on a trail walking my dogs, sipping wine on my back porch, dreaming of travel destinations, and playing video games.

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Megan Ewer
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